How To Stress Yourself Out As A Parent

Ah…parenting:) The wonderous joys that are entailed. Let’s just be real here, parenting is NOT easy. I have come to realize (well, after I had my first child), that it is THE most difficult job on the planet. Let’s go over the ways we can stress ourselves out as parents.

Ask Dumb Questions

In my school days, I would constantly hear teachers say that there aren’t any dumb questions. This my friends is simply not true. There are indeed dumb questions. One of those questions is asking your three year old why he hit his baby sister. There is no rhyme or reason to such an act. It just happens, on a regular basis. Of course I make him apologize for committing the act, but don’t worry, it will happen yet again. The second question is asking your toddler why they threw the ball in the house. Even though I had told him this a million times, it doesn’t seem to register.  Silly questions such as these will just stress you out because you won’t get anywhere.

Worry About Having a Clean House

I used to be a neat freak (key words, used to be). That all ended after having my second child. After the first child, keeping the house clean was manageable. After the second, I just gave up. Toys, toys and more toys. They encompass your house and you are surrounded. You will find them literally everywhere. Today I found a toy car in a pot in the cupboard. A couple days ago, more cars, but in the refrigerator.

Putting toys away is utterly useless. Why? Seriously, within minutes, not even minutes…while I am putting toys away, my kids are making a mess of them. Why not just put them away at night? I have given up even that task. I have come to the realization that toys consume my entire living room and I’m okay with that.

Play dough is now embedded in the carpet. Crumbs are always on the floor. Didn’t I just vacuum? Oh yes, I did, why? Well. For some short lived peace of mind that dirt has gone away. Just wait five minutes, the peace will disappear.

Desiring Peace and Quiet in Your Home

Not in our house! The only time this exists, is at night. Once the kids are asleep of course. Getting them to sleep is an entirely different story.  My husband and I can’t hear each other when we speak. When either of us begins talking, the kids want to join in:) With two kids, there are only two levels, loud and louder.

Taking Your Kids Out of the House Without a Nap

This is just pure disaster. I speak from experience, unfortunately, on more than one occasion. Expect melt downs and non-cooperation. But sometimes the errands just have to be run, you may say. Trust me, rearrange your schedule if at all possible. Some kids don’t take naps, I’m glad mine do. It helps everyone function better.  You will actually get more done if you run errands if you have nap-taking kids (is that a word?) You will get far more grocery shopping done if you have well rested kids. Then, you won’t be rushing to get everything and then forget items because you are trying to hurry out of the store with crabby kids.

Folding Laundry With Kids Present

You are just asking for trouble. You are single handlely creating more work for yourself. This scenario may sound familiar: you fold the towels, then your kids unfold them, wave them around and “help” you fold laundry. I have even stopped folding kitchen towels. Why? Well, for good reason.  My daughter Ella loves to play in the kitchen, yes, with those towels. I simply put the clean towels in the drawer and shut it. Then, when she decides to play with them, I don’t stress about them not being previously folded 🙂


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